Mara Hoodie


The Mara Hoodie is light and airy with a sexy deep cowl collar. Play with the color of the tank you layer it with for different looks. Very chic and slouchy for warmer weather, or layer it up for a bit of texture in cooler weather. Hand loomed in linen/bamboo.

Fabric: Hand loomed with our proprietary blend of linen and bamboo

Handcrafted: We celebrate the natural unpredictability of yarn as it moves through the handloom. This gives your sweater a unique color blend, so no two sweaters are the same. Your sweater is crafted from all natural fibers, which feel better on your body.

Care: Hand wash with cold water. Lay flat to dry.

We hope this piece honors the bold you. We are happy to provide certain repairs due to damage free of charge for one year from date of purchase. Sign up for our warranty program.

Category: Linen Bamboo, Tops