Pico Vela is a brand of high quality knitwear clothing and accessories  that combines artisanal craftsmanship with modern style.

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Pico Vela sweaters are made with our own proprietary blends of bamboo, cotton, linen, merino and viscose yarns. With each yarn combination we are trying to achieve a specific drape and color shade for that particular style, while appreciating the natural unpredictability of what happens to color and yarn as it moves through the handloom during the knitting process.

It is this process that gives each sweater a unique color blend, so that no two sweaters are the same.

We take care to select all natural fibers, which feels better on the body. We pride ourselves on creating a fit that is flattering for each body type and can accommodate different sizes. We are always creating something new.


The main yarn that we use in most of our sweaters is bamboo. Bamboo is a cellulosic fiber processed and dyed much the same way as ordinary rayon, but unlike common rayon, our bamboo yarn is derived from vegetation cultivated according to sustainable agricultural practices.

Bamboo give a slight sheen, softness and drape to each garment. It balances out the crispness of linen and the dryness of cotton.

The organic cotton we use is 100% combed cotton. It is organically grown by independent farmers working in rural India under the tutelage of a Swiss enterprise that guarantees the farmers not only a market for their bounty but a premium price that helps pay for structural, educational and vocational improvements to their communities. We love the soft feel and beautiful colors of this organic cotton. 




Our mission at Pico Vela is to create beautiful knitwear, made by talented artisans in the US, that will make a woman feel beautiful, confident and happy.

We celebrate the creativity, spirit and individuality of women.



Artisan Craftsmanship Made in the USA

We are steadfast in our aim of supporting American artisans and shining a light on the unique art of knitting and handlooms. All sweaters are hand-loomed by artisans from across America in places such as West Virginia, Missouri, Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois. These talented artisans maintain a quickly vanishing tradition of hand-loomed sweaters that currently exists here in the USA.

Each sweater is tagged with the name of the knitter who made it.

We are proud to support these women entrepreneurs and provide them with jobs.


We believe in sustainability and reducing negative human impact where we can. This is why we choose materials such as organic cotton and bamboo and source only from the highest quality suppliers.  In this spirit we have created a line of up-cycled shawls that are made from used sweaters that have been reworked by our knitters to create one-of-a-kind pieces.


We believe in supporting the communities around us. A percentage of Pico Vela’s sales are donated to For Love of Children and Doorways for Women and Families which teach, empower and transform children in underserved communities. 


Nicole Alfieri is the Founder and Head Designer of Pico Vela. Nicole attended Parsons School of Design in NYC and Paris, where she won the Student Designer of the Year Award for her excellence.

A world traveler, her design aesthetic is inspired by, among other things, the colors of Italy and India, Japanese design and her love of vintage clothing.

Nicole is a proud native of Washington, DC where she lives with her family. 


"I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy wearing my Seline dress. I love the rich color combination and the beautiful natural fibers. I also appreciate that Pico Vela knits are handmade in the USA. I think it is important to support businesses that are committed to making their products in the USA."