Black open neck
Costa / Carob stitched
Costa / Carob
Black / Indigo

Inspired by the Galopine, Charlotte is a wrapped oversize tunic that you can rock over jeans or leggings. Maybe even with tights and over-the-knee boots? 

Made with organic cotton and bamboo yarns, we've knitted the Charlotte with a tuck stitch to give it extra depth and texture. 

Fabric: Proprietary blend of organic cotton and bamboo

Handcrafted: We celebrate the natural unpredictability of yarn as it moves through the handloom. This gives your sweater a unique color blend, so no two sweaters are the same. Your sweater is crafted from all natural fibers, which feel soft against your body.

Care: Hand wash with cold water. Lay flat to dry. Or dry clean.

We hope this piece honors the bold you. 

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