Washable Cotton Masks

aqua paisley
black/navy floral
brown ikat stripe
grey blue small floral
grey ikat stripe
lilac wildflower
pink/grey print
small burgundy floral
vintage lilac floral
violet/silver floral
yellow flowers
b/w paisley

These fabric masks are made with beautiful vintage-inspired cotton fabrics. They are lined with a solid color woven cotton, and have a pocket in case you want to insert a filter. Elastic loops go around your ears. Absolutely washable, but for every day use we prefer to steam them inside and out with a hot iron. 

Child size is available. Please specify the age of the child for a more accurate fit.

CARE: These masks can be steamed with a hot iron often and then washed occasionally. The hot iron is 212F and the virus dies at 133F. To prolong the life of the mask, we suggest hand wash and air dry. You can certainly put it in the washing machine, but we suggest not using hot water or drying on high heat. This will not necessarily kill the virus but could possibly shrink the mask, and it will definitely wear down the cotton fibers and elastic. Use the hot iron before or after washing to ensure it is sanitized. If you do that, washing in warm water and air drying will be sufficient. 

If you're wondering about our beautifully moody mask photos, check out the images from the virtual photo shoot we had with Kingsley Model Jeincy Paniagua here. In this time of social distancing, we used a very modern concept with the most up to date technology to photograph our new cotton reusable masks in a safe and distanced way. 

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